Find below some seasonal recipes to help you make the most of your allotment crops.

  • Recipe: Laal Mirch Ka Achar
    An easy Red Chilli Pickle recipe – and yet another way to preserve your chillies!
  • Mary’s Hit Shot Sauce
    I needed a way of preserving all my chillies, an unidentified variety I grew from seeds taken from a pack bought at the International Supermarket.This sauce I made from them is great for accompanying bangers cooked on a barbecue and stuck in a roll.
  • Recipe: Nettle soup
    Now is a great time to be harvesting one of our most underrated – yet free – superfoods. One way of using nettles is to make a soup – and it happens to be one I love.
  • Blackberry Jam
    Make the most of the hedgerow’s free fruit by making this delicious blackberry jam, which you can then enjoy throughout the year.

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