New plotholders

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Congratulations on getting a new plot
on our site!

Here are Ten Top Tips to help get you started:

1. Make sure that you’re familiar with the Allotment Rules so you know what you can and can’t do on your plot.

2. Consider joining the Craven Vale and Whitehawk Hill Allotments Society (CVWHAS) – it’s a good way to meet fellow plotholders and membership offers you lots of other benefits.

3. Have a look at the AllotmentBook website which gives some really handy tips on planning and laying out a new allotment. You’ll also find links to gardening companies, organisations and other information sources we’d recommend on our Resources page.

4. When you first get your plot, it’s worth surveying what you’ve got and what could be worth keeping – identify any mystery plants using an app and set aside any bits of wood that could be used for border edging, for instance.

5. It’s also worth reading our Gardeners’ Notes section to find out useful information about our site, what has worked well for other plotholders – and very importantly, to save you making some of the same mistakes!

6. Try, try and try again – despite your best efforts, crops will fail, the slugs will eat your cabbages and the badgers may munch your sweetcorn just as it ripens! Don’t be disheartened – we all go through this. Make a mental note and learn from your mistakes for next time.

7. If you find that you’re struggling to maintain your plot, why not consider getting a co-worker, such as a friend, to help you? – if you don’t have anyone in mind, contact us and we’ll help match you up with someone that’s looking to do some food growing too.

8. One of the great things about our site is the wealth of wildlife you’ll see at all times of year. So, why not consider making your plot a wildlife haven too?
These 11 tips could inspire you.

9. Don’t forget to lock the gates after you at all times!
It’s up to all of us to help maintain the security of the site.

10.  And lastly, ENJOY YOUR PLOT! Take some time to admire the view, breathe in the fresh air and celebrate your achievements.

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