Welcome back to the Hub!

After more than a year of having to stay firmly shut, we’re pleased to announce that we’re finally able to reopen the Hub!

To mark the occasion of our first reopening, on Sunday 6th June (11am to 1pm), we’re not only having our usual cups of tea, cake and chat, but also plan a plant swap. So, if you’ve got any spare tomatoes, or forgot to plant your cabbage seed, then pop along and you’re sure to find a home for your leftovers or find the missing plants to fill the gaps in your plot.

The Hub will now be open every first Sunday of the month, with additional openings on the third Sunday in July and August. For clarity, the rest of the year’s openings will therefore be:

  • 6th June
  • 4th July
  • 18th July
  • 1st August (Annual General Meeting followed by Hub opening)
  • 15th August
  • 5th September

Remember, at the Hub you can also buy many of the supplies (at cost price!) to help you manage your plot, including:

  • Sluggo slug pellets (organic and non-toxic)
  • Weed suppressant fabric
  • Seaweed extract feed
  • 1.8m wide ultra-fine insect mesh
  • 4m wide soft butterfly netting
  • CVWHAS recipe book
  • and 35Ltr bags of compost and 40Ltr bags of manure

Look forward to seeing you!

Published by Nick

A plotholder on Craven Vale Allotment since 2010. I'm particularly proud of my expanding vineyard, which in a good year creates litres and litres of red and white wine! I love our site for the fabulous views over the sea and Downs, as well as the wealth of wildlife that can be found here. It really is a bit of countryside in the heart of the city. I feel very lucky to have my plot.

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