Coming out of Covid(?) – Hub spring clean and site improvements

On Saturday of the Easter Bank Holiday, a group of six volunteers from the allotments society came together to form a work party (now that Covid rules allow it) to tidy up around the Hub, put up new noticeboards and erect a boundary fence.

The work party made light work of the tasks, and after just two hours (including several cups of tea and lots of sociable chat) the Hub area was looking transformed!

A large noticeboard has been erected close to the Beresford Road gate, which will help keep plot holders informed about what is happening on site and encourage them to get involved in the society. A similar sized one will also be put up close to the radio mast entrance, with smaller A4 boards for each of the other five entrances to the site.

The Hub area looking a lot neater, with the noticeboard firmly in place.

Thanks to Jenny, Mary, Nick, Paul, James and Arthur for all their hard work, as well as Pete for strimming most of the plot in advance – and not forgetting Susan for the biscuits!

We hope it will not be too long before we can open the Hub again on a regular basis – we’ll keep you posted as and when we’re able to do so.

Published by Nick

A plotholder on Craven Vale Allotment since 2010. I'm particularly proud of my expanding vineyard, which in a good year creates litres and litres of red and white wine! I love our site for the fabulous views over the sea and Downs, as well as the wealth of wildlife that can be found here. It really is a bit of countryside in the heart of the city. I feel very lucky to have my plot.

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